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Hello, my name is Donald Garrison and I’m a lawyer from Naples FL. I provide all kinds of legal services to my clients and that is possible due to my vast knowledge of legal theories. First of all, before I tell you about the things that I do now as a lawyer, I would like to tell you my whole background and the story of why have I decided to become a lawyer.


The inspiration to become a lawyer when I grew up, I got from my family. More specifically from my mother and father. Both of them were lawyers, and I must say that they were really successful ones. I grew up watching them work and just like that, I got inspired to pursue that career myself. I was really lucky because both of my parents were lawyers, so I already had a lot of knowledge about certain laws and some legal services when I got into the Law school. My parents were very supportive and they were proud when I became a lawyer myself.


When I officially became a lawyer, I didn’t want any help from my parents, I wanted to get my own reputation by my hard work. So, I slowly but surely started working with various clients. At the beginning, I was focusing on only cases that were about Taxes. That was because I had the best knowledge of taxes at the time and I wanted first to get reputation before starting offering some other type of legal service.

After few years of being only a Tax lawyer, I started to experiment a little with few other types of services. I started taking clients that required a Family lawyer, I learned that side of the law quite fast so I decided that I won’t stop just there.