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How to Talk with Your Lawyer

Published April 3, 2017 in How to Talk - 0 Comments

Many people that I have been working with throughout these many years didn’t know exactly how to communicate and talk with me. I found that very interesting and when that happened to me few times, I asked those clients what is the problem. I clearly saw that they didn’t feel comfortable talking with me. When I learned, what were the problems that kept them from opening up, I started to implement that with all of my clients. Now, I don’t have any client that doesn’t know how to talk with me. I decided to help out everyone, by giving advice on how to properly talk with a lawyer.

Get Organized

Before you even hire a lawyer, you have to have a clear story of your situation that you are dealing with. Otherwise, the lawyer cannot help you because he will have a hard time understanding all the details about your situation. Try and write down everything that is important for your case, then read it out loud, make some changes and present that to your lawyer. Sort out all the information, don’t wait for your lawyer to do it for you because you are more familiar with that and you will do it much faster.

Pay Attention to Details

When it comes to any legal issue, details are very important. You must remember everything that is in your case. Even if you think something is irrelevant, you must tell your lawyer. Usually, people are wrong and they keep out some important detail because they thought it was not necessary. Tell him everything, let him decide whether it is important or not. If you provide him with extremally detailed story and information, you will see that he will be happy because you will make his job much easier.

Be Honest!

This is the simplest advice I can give to you if you want to have a good and successful communication with your lawyer. There is no need for you to lie to your lawyer because he is on your side, he will do anything to make you look innocent. Even if the information is very sensitive to you, you must tell him, don’t worry about him telling that to someone else because he cannot share private evidence with anyone unless you give him the right. If you want to get the best outcome of that case, make sure that you are 100% honest with your lawyer.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

The second biggest mistake clients make other than lying to their lawyers is that they don’t ask questions when they are confused about something. You should not be afraid to ask your lawyer anything, especially if something about the case is not clear to you. You are involved in that case, and you must be well informed about every step that your lawyer does. If he tells you he will do something and you don’t understand what he said, you must ask him before he does it.