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7 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer

Published April 3, 2017 in Questions - 0 Comments

When you are searching for a lawyer, you should do it the right way. interview them, ask them these questions that I have put together. They will cover all the basic information that you must know about him before you hire him.

For How Long He Practiced Law?

This should definitely be one of the first questions that you must ask a lawyer. Law practicing is very important if you are searching for an experienced lawyer. It also depends on your case, sometimes lawyers with low experience cannot handle certain cases.

What Type of Cases Does He handle?

Not every legal case is the same and they all require a specific lawyer. For example, you cannot expect a tax lawyer like me to handle a criminal case as good as a criminal lawyer. So, ask him in what area or field did he specialized in. Sometimes even the lawyers will tell your that they might not be the best option for your case.

What Is their Typical Client?

This is a very overlooked question that people often forget to ask because they don’t think it will matter. However, it can be a great deal it the lawyer that you want to hire is only worked with big corporations. He doesn’t have the experience needed to represent you as an individual.

Ask Him About Track Record

The track record is the record of the cases he was working on in the past. This information is important because you will find out whether he has had any similar cases to your case. If he has, that means that he has, even more, experience with that type of case. If he never had any similar case, then you might reconsider your decision and find another lawyer that is more experienced in that field. Also feel free to ask him how many of those cases he won or lost. That can also be a great indicator whether he is good or not.

How Much He Charges?

I have realized that some people are afraid to ask a lawyer at the start how much does he charges his services. However, it is important for you to know because you don’t want later on to find out that you cannot afford him. That will only lead to serious problems. Also ask how does the payment go, what are your payment options.

How Can You Contact and Communicate with Him?

As I have mentioned this before, communication between lawyer and client is very important. Therefore, you should know beforehand how can you reach him for any information. Ask him will he report back to you when something happens with your case or you have to call him.

What is a Possible Outcome of Your Case