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Sex in vegas hotel

The floor is made of shimmering tiles that change color via a high-tech lighting system. Begin your Tao experience by feasting on the Pan-Asian cuisine before heading upstairs to 1 of the hottest clubs in the country. If you're still in the mood to play, then choose from concerts, nightclubs, bars, movie theaters and one of the most decadent bowling alleys ever designed. Bunnies deal the cards in these high-stake games, and face it, when Hefner's involved, you know you're getting the red-carpet treatment. In fact, glance back through this list, and you may want to make number 8 your number-1 priority. You are in Paris, so YES! Prive Planet Hollywood Resort If you're looking to party like a Hollywood A-lister -- or better yet, with a Hollywood A-lister -- then you'll want to find yourself on the other side of Prive's velvet rope. The next day, housekeeping entered the room to discover everything in the room had been stolen. Every piece of furniture, fixtures, lamps, TVs, the whole nine yards, including a king-sized bed. Blush is more understated and intimate, overlooking the casino and characterized by its onyx dance floor. Sex in vegas hotel

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  1. They do this to determine which seats have been urinated on by patrons too tired, drunk or lazy to get themselves to the restroom.

  2. Trust us, this photo would have been hilarious if it were still called the Imperial Palace.

  3. Boasting a wave pool, lazy river, three swimming pools, and private cabanas and bungalows, there's something to satisfy every sunbather. Just try and find a single media story about anyone dying of natural causes in a Las Vegas hotel room, ever.

  4. Indulge your carnal fantasies with strips, mignons or bone-in rib eyes. Blush is more understated and intimate, overlooking the casino and characterized by its onyx dance floor. Thirty treatment rooms with imported silks, handcrafted wooden Balinese massage tables and rich carpets are available for treatments ranging from the popular Mandara Stone Therapy to the Paris For Lovers package.

  5. We knew this hearse photo would come in handy someday. With 2 spectacular saltwater pools, 8 individual pools and spas, exclusive VIP Bungalows, hip party cabanas and daybeds, Wet Republic has a poolside niche for everyone.

  6. Every piece of furniture, fixtures, lamps, TVs, the whole nine yards, including a king-sized bed. Take one step inside Tao, and you'll see that entertainment is their philosophy. A common scenario is that people come to Las Vegas as a last-ditch effort to turn their remaining assets into a life-changing windfall.

  7. From what we know of this practice, the sheer number of sex toys found in rooms and disposed of via these bins is staggering. Two Jacuzzis flank the pool area, which is large enough to hold a wedding or other event. Tragic, but anything but uncommon.

  8. Moon The Palms While other nightclubs on the Strip may be celebrity favorites, Moon is the only one that can promise star sightings every night. So, here we go. You are in Paris, so YES!

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