Ukrainian sex workers. Welcome to Kiev: city of beautiful women and a prospering sex industry.

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Teen prostitution in Ukraine

Ukrainian sex workers

Kiev, the city of my birth, has been ranked by Traveler's Digest as number one — as far as the presence of "beautiful women" is concerned, that is. They include a jailed former prime minister , and the teenage mother who will bum a cigarette off of you outside the airport terminal when you first arrive. Earlier this year, Stirton won a world press photo award for the shot, which is part of a larger series on life with HIV in Ukraine. Most sex workers who do not use condoms report that they are pressured to do so by their clients. They deliver a warning — on the dangers of drug addiction and Ukraine's largely unglamorous and dangerous sex industry — and her gaze is clear, calm and knowing. A picture of a middling happy Ukrainian family would probably not do the trick. At the time the photo was taken, Maria said that she was not infected. Then you move on to the rest of her body — most of her flesh looks undead. The Ukrainian Institute of Social Studies estimates that 50, women engaged in commercial sex work in Ukraine last year. Perhaps most pertinently, it also does not protect you from winding up in the sex industry. Brent Stirton's portrait of Maria , a sex worker and drug addict living in the town of Krivy Rih in Ukraine, has been making the rounds lately. Ukrainian sex workers

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  1. Many people in Ukraine also consider women who have engaged in sex work to be "permanently tainted" — once a woman has a certain kind of "fame", it is very hard for her to be viewed as fully human.

  2. The same institute estimates that every sixth Ukrainian sex-worker is a minor. These are the eyes of a woman who has hit rock bottom and may not come back up but the gaze suggests she is not, at this moment, afraid. You finally bring yourself to look at her face.

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