Exploring the Best E-Bike Trails in Riverside County, CA

Explore some of the best electric bike trails in Riverside County, CA! From Corral Canyon to Big Bear Mountain Resort, there are plenty of places to explore on an e-bike.

Exploring the Best E-Bike Trails in Riverside County, CA

San Diego County is home to some of the most incredible bike trails in the United States, and in recent years, many of them have opened up to e-bikes. With over 300 electric cycling routes in the area, there's something for everyone. From car-free bike trails to bicycle lanes and routes designed for street driving, cyclists can explore the picturesque landscape of San Diego and its surrounding areas. Corral Canyon is a great spot for adventurous e-bikers, as it allows motorized off-road vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs and dune carts.

The area also has more than 51 miles of trails for non-e-bike riders. Black Mountain is located just east of the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Reserve and can be accessed through four different trails. On a clear day, you can see the Pacific Ocean to the west, mountain views to the east and views of the city to the south. Sycamore Canyon has two e-bike trails: Chicken Hawk, a 1-mile green trail that's single-trail and downhill only; and Ammo Gully, a 0.5 mile unidirectional and bidirectional blue trail that runs along the walls of a ravine.

In Cathedral City, Hopalong Cassidy I is a bidirectional single-track black diamond with more than 900 feet of vertical climb and lots of curves and sharp falls on both sides. For those who want an easier ride, Dunn Road and Palm Canyon Drive is a two-way round trip trail that covers 12 miles in each direction. Big Bear Mountain Resort in San Bernardino County has allowed e-bikes in its Summit bike park since June last year. Los Angeles County also has plenty of e-bike trails to explore, such as the Pacific Coast Bike Trail which covers 22 miles along the California coast.

Hungry Valley State Vehicle Recreation Area is located in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County and has two e-bike trails: Friend's Trail, a 2 mile blue trail that winds along a ridge and down the slope to the river; and Ortega Trail, a 9 mile steep rocky double black diamond commonly used by motorcycles. The Santa Ana River Trail is currently 60% complete and will span 110 miles from San Bernardino County National Forest to Huntington Beach when finished.

Riverside County

may be sparsely populated with mountain bike trails but there are still plenty of options for e-bike riders in San Diego County and its surrounding areas. From Corral Canyon to Big Bear Mountain Resort, there are plenty of places to explore on an e-bike.

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